Thinking like a psychologist

How do I write an abstract that appeals to the average music psychologist when I have approximately no knowledge about psychology? I was told the other day that there are three kinds of psychology – I betcha not one of them are about education. I’ve ended up writing 300 odd words about very little at all, because I’m so loath to reveal my study at this early stage. (Or, more correctly, my supervisor keeps saying don’t show too much before you have submitted etc – very protective of her!)

I’m about to head to Melbourne and I can’t bring too many books with me – I’m supposed to be writing a meta-analysis of biography, but I reckon that 4 weeks is not quite enough time, grr. AND I’m supposed to be doing my confirmation document. Although I’ve been told that that the written submission is due one month AFTER the presentation, not before, thank goodness. I guess then that I’ll take the small important books, such as the Renee book, all my electronic data, and perhaps the Oxford handbook on music psychology.

Oops, I just spent rather a lot at I can claim that it’s all about my research, and it is, but it’s getting ridiculous. And do I ever really read the books? Well.. yes I do, but usually when I’m trying to find an appropriate page that will tell me about a vocal problem  and the solution, and quite often when the student is there waiting. Still, there are two meaty biographies in amongst all my Richard Miller books. And, in the end, the books are cheap as chips, and they arrive within 2 weeks, from the US. Amazing. I love these times. Although I do wish we had invented more energy efficient technology and that fundamentalism were not quite so rife. And that more humans had freedom of choice. And that less humans were slavering murderous psychopaths who run countries.

I also downloaded some great articles from the ABC – I was so chuffed I wrote to them to say what a fabulous service they provide online! Yay! I now have good articles about Lisa Gasteen and Stephen Smith, in podcast AND transcript. Too easy. Although the information about their teachers is SO light on! It’s almost as if what they DON’T say that’s the fascinating bit.

I’m really hoping that I can organise the payment from UQ for my subbing after I get back and that they will pay me for it – I keep missing out on the correct person when I go in to UQ. Also, I need to make my claim for travel for 2010. I could miss out on this as well if I’m not careful! Serves me right for being so lazy with my claim forms. Seriously though, I will desperately need the money in January! Otherwise I’ll not be able to pay my credit card bill. Which is rather large. Ugh.


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