creating YouTube videos


this is a turn up for the books (whatever that means). I am learning how to upload videos to Youtube. Soon I will be interconnected throughout the world! Mwah hah hah! I’m really curious about the turn my life has taken about online content – I’m okay with telling people about my life via blog, I’m okay with getting connected via Linkedin, I’m okay with Facebook, I’m okay that Apple seem to know an awful lot about me. It’s disconcerting that I’m connected in so many ways to  the world via internet. I’m not sure there are really very many people interested in me or my thoughts, and I’m okay with that too. But, in a weird way, I feel like my world is connected to the larger online world, and I subsequently feel like I’m part of a big computer/internet  loving community.

I’ve had to put research to the back burner this week: We had a Christmas party for the Harrison clan at our house on Friday night, which was lovely, and after I taught my singing students yesterday, I lay about for a while feeling a bit exhausted until our next guests arrived for a drinking and eating session. Beautiful wines: Chateau-Neuf-du Pape; Henschke; spanish tapas, and great conversation with some fabulous mates. Had a few drinks – perhaps a few too many, but it was lovely to let go a bit.

Considering I’ve not taught this week, I am still exhausted from the year generally. Last week I was in Canberra presenting my paper, this week I was taking Jane Ginsborg around UQ. I’m not sure what I’ve actually done! I’m planning an abstract to SEMPRE 2010 which is due tomorrow, I’ve begun thinking about my confirmation document, and I’m starting to think about my book chapter which is due on the same day as my confirmation. I’ve started to analyse my survey results, but I’ve not cross-tabbed them yet – I’m not sure how to do this to the total response rather than the currently filtered one I’m working on. Basically, I want someone else to do it for me! I’m a bit lazy like that. But, at least, I feel that SurveyMonkey is the world’s easiest survey instrument to use. Oh! And I’ve begun to send my teacher approvals to the teachers I want to observe in my study. Two so far have been sent. Just have to do the other two – one to RC, the other to RI.

So. How do I get my biographies down to Melbourne? What part of them do I read? I’m fascinated about the process of the study: I’m preparing to embark on the biggest part of the study, and I’m very excited about the prospects of what I might find, but this next year is going to be huge! I’m SO glad I’ve dropped one of my teaching days, but I’m constantly worried about the lack of money. Ah well, at least my son’s school is reasonably lenient about the fees. Next year is the last for me for school fees, yay. Then I can pay off the credit card and start saving for a house. Yay.


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