Thursday and the kids are here

Today I observed a DMA confirmation – a useful and frightening tool to get me in the mode for my confirmation next February. DMAs are nothing like PhDs really – they are professional doctorates, and, as such, are designed to incorporate a type of commercial element in them. This being said, however, I am concerned about the lack of literature review and rigor in the process the student described. I was concerned too about the lack of triangulation with the data, the lack of subjects other than herself in the data collection and the evangelical nature of the student’s approach.

While I am not terrified about the confirmation process, I am slightly anxious. My methodology is sound, my data generations are big and using different data events for triangulation. My lit review is coming along, but I find it hard to read and take it all in – there is in a way too much literature, which at times does not really point to the actual thing I want to talk about. I am still struggling with my big picture (not emotionally, or intellectually) but how to articulate it. I suppose I am exploring the tacit and the implied, and the current literature prefers the concrete and explained. This is the exciting, unknown part.

Now, on this stinker of a day, the children are here and we need to make plans for the rest of the holidays. There have already been a few hiccups, as Scott reported to me, so there will be a lot of talking going on. Stuff about Lachie wanting to spend less time here, etc. SIGH.


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