Invasions of Privacy

I don’t know about you, but I consider a 4 monthly inspection by my real estate agents to be a little on the intrusive side. The worst part about these is the cleaning and fretting that goes on before the inspection: are we supposed to have the house as clean as when we moved in? Considering it was detailed by professionals, I find it hard to maintain a 6 bedroom house size when we can’t afford a cleaner. And the crap from the animal hair is almost oppressive! I spent most of yesterday morning sweeping and washing the floors: our vacuum cleaner has broken and we don’t want to buy a new one because they are bloody expensive! Scott and I ended up snapping at each other as we tried to ensure a pristine environment for the inspection. I don’t mind once a year inspections, but three? They get to look inside all the cupboards, and scrutinize the way we live, which bothers me a lot. A real invasion of privacy.

In a moment I am driving to Southbank to pick up Jane Ginsborg for her tour through the School of Music. As far as I can tell there is no-one there this week. It being December and all, ¬†the place is usually deserted. But I’m looking forward to the meeting with her: she is poles apart in methodology from me, but this will be useful as I can bounce some ideas off her that may give me some clues as to how to deal with my survey, if nothing else. I find Quan methods daunting and I’m not sure how effective they are in unpacking my actual ideas, but we can have a good natter nevertheless. Jane works at 100 miles per hour: a “little” english woman, she exudes huge confidence and interest in everything she does. I’m not sure I can keep up, and she is in the middle of her school year right now, while we are at the end of ours, so I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about how much energy she will be exuding. I feel a little bit bovine next to her!

I will be asking her about readings and literature. Her PhD research was on singer memory and retention rates, and I’m not sure whether our literature will even mesh, but it will be an interesting afternoon nevertheless. An opportunity to see perhaps whether it might be worth while spreading those contacts around for 2010, 2011.

Back later to report.


Well, it was fabulous. Lunch with Jane was a blast – we went at 100 miles per hour and I’m absolutely exhausted now, but we had lots of great chats and I feel like I now have a friend in Manchester. What a lovely person, and an interesting thinker. Geez I love clever people. We talked a lot about how she runs the psychology courses and it was so useful for my own knowledge about psychology. I had thought there was only two kinds; behavioural and cognitive, but there are three: cognitive, social and developmental. SO, I now have a basis for further research using this three pronged approach. I’m hoping it will help, and I’m fascinated about the processes of psychology. Not sure what I can do with it, in the short term, though.

Now my husband wants to go to Officeworks, which is the call of the siren for me.


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