Jane Ginsborg

I met a fascinating researcher called Jane Ginsborg today – she is visiting from the UK. Associate Dean of Research at  Royal Northern College of Music, she seemed most interested in my research and is quite happy to assist me with aspects of it, so it seems. I’m a little pooped today: our 4 monthly house inspection is tomorrow and I’ve been cleaning floors and bathrooms. The weather in Brisbane is absolutely feral: Scott took one look at me as I came home and stated, as he does: “you look rather pale – don’t tell me it’s the light – you looked all washed out”! No shit Sherlock, quoth I as I staggered up the stairs with the shopping. All I did was wander into town and buy a long awaited Baritone arias book. Then I wandered through Myer for a bit, which was a mistake, because  I can’t afford anything. I need sexy blingy thongs but am too tired and cranky to buy any.

Anyway, Jane was visiting Griffith and so I foolishly suggested that I pick her up at 12.30 at the Con and we go to UQ for a couple of hours. Now I have to get online, find out about her research (I think she is a clinical psychologist in music) and find out if anyone is in tomorrow. SIGH. I think I need a coffee.


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