It’s new, it’s different, it’s unusual

Well, I have finally done it. I have created a blog page with Word Press. I’m not sure if I’m happy about it or completely confused. I think I should be working on my PhD, but I’m also thinking how great for research into higher degrees if i can create a blog that basically talks about the process of doing my PhD. Is it a diary? Is it a plane? No, it’s super Jess.

As I have never been able to sustain a journal beyond about a week, and most of my journal entries are shite, my main fear is that I will continue to create shite but now everyone will be able to read it. What is it about the web that snares people so? So, I guess, like most others, I’ll comment about how weird but strangely exciting it is to sit here working out how to use my new blog page, how to add it to Facebook or some such, and how to annoy the hell out of my friends because, really, who wants to hear my drivel? And I can’t even say this with any great intelligence or finesse of language or anything. SIGH.

It is now 11.55pm. My husband, bless him, went to bed a while back, and I have been sitting at my computer for most of the day working on a music society newsletter. I’m hot and sweaty because where I live is a little bit like hell in summer, I haven’t exercised in months, I’ve gained about 7 kilos since getting married, the dog is looking at my reproachfully, and I suspect my reading for my PhD is a little more lacklustre than I really care to admit. I AM on target, though.

So, to the .5 person who may actually be interested in this, I vote labor, I prefer a socialist based state, and I’d like to save the planet please, but can they put more buses on please – I’m not good at getting to bus stops in the heat and I miss the bus. One train per 30 minutes is not good enough either. ¬†There’s my beef for today. And I haven’t even left the house. SIGH.


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